Cleva For

Care Agencies

Quickly, easily, and safely manage payments for the people you care for.

Designed with care agencies in mind

When you’ve got multiple carers looking after multiple clients, petty cash and manual payment reconciliation creates lots of unnecessary admin.

Our unique card, app and management platform gives you the tools to quickly, easily, and safely manage payments for the people you care for.

Less stress and admin for you, extra peace of mind for your agency, your clients, and their families.

Not just an expense card
One card, multiple clients

How Cleva!

Every client has a digital wallet

Every client has a digital wallet which can be loaded and monitored by you and their family.

Each carer has a Cleva card

Every carer has a Cleva card which they can use to spend on behalf of every client

Use the app to choose a client wallet

The carer chooses the wallet for the relevant client and spends on their behalf using the Cleva card

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Why use Cleva?

Easy to manage

Load each client’s digital wallet, set card spending controls, and see what’s being spent in real-time – all in one place.

Single card switching

One Cleva card can spend from multiple wallets at the click of a button, so there's no need for your staff to carry around a stack of cards.

Family viewing option

Allow your client's family to monitor expenditure on behalf of their loved ones.

Reduced admin

All transactions are recorded in your management system to greatly reduce admin and reconciliation time.

Safe spending

Every transaction has a time stamp and the details of who used the card, ensuring that you, your staff and your clients are protected.

Time saving

No petty cash means time saved going between client houses. Your staff can go straight to the shops without having to visit the client to collect cash first.

Shopping: a new income source

You can now safely shop for your clients – offering a new, chargeable service for your agency.

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Some commonly asked questions

  • Where can the Cleva card be used?

    Cleva cards can be used almost anywhere that shows the Mastercard® brand mark, in shops and online.

    You can set your account to block purchases from places you don’t want it to be used e.g. bars.

  • What does Cleva cost?

    We have flexible pricing plans to meet your business needs.

    Cleva costs from £4.95 per vulnerable user per month, with no extra charges for cards or admin users.

    Get in touch for a discussion about your needs and we’ll provide you with a bespoke quote.

  • How long does it take to get set up?

    As Cleva is a financial product, we need to run a couple of checks to verify your identity before you can join. This isn’t a complicated process and we can usually have you up and running in just a few weeks.

  • What’s the minimum contract you offer?

    The minimum term is 12 months. However special terms may be able to be discussed depending on your business needs.