Cleva for

Residential Care Providers

If you’re looking to streamline the way you manage the finances of multiple residents with varying financial requirements, then Cleva can help.

Easily manage the different shopping needs for multiple residents under your care.

From time to time, your residents need to buy things that aren’t covered in their monthly bill. Right now, you may be handling these expenses with cash boxes, or other methods that require time to manage and re-bill.

Cleva’s card, app and management platform not only removes the risks and headaches associated with cash. It offers your organisation a revolutionary way to pay for additional services such as haircuts, on-site chiropody appointments and taxi journeys for your elderly and vulnerable residents – in real time, without complications and with full visibility.

This means that your residents no longer have to keep cash boxes topped up in their rooms, their families no longer have the burden of providing cash and your organisation no longer has concerns about false allegations of theft or cash going missing.

One card, multiple clients – How Cleva!

Every resident has a digital wallet

Each resident has a digital wallet. You can load money onto this wallet on a regular schedule, or top it up as required.

One Cleva card

Your organisation can have one Cleva card which can spend from any wallet at the tap of a button. Cards can also be provided to care teams to pay for external expenses such as taxi journeys or day trips.

Full visibility with our companion app

Our companion app allows you, your organisation, or the residents’ families to see where every penny is spent.

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Why use Cleva?

Easy to manage

Easily pay for multiple residents' expenditure, remove any need for cash and track where every penny is spent.

One Super Card

One Cleva card can spend from multiple wallets at the click of a button. This keeps incidental expenditure separate from monthly care bills.

Reduced administration

All transactions are recorded in your management system to greatly reduce reconciliation time. Staff can also upload receipts to the Cleva app allowing for further tracking of spending.


No need for cash on site removes any false allegations of theft, which means less worries for your residents, their families, you and your staff.

Family viewing option

Allow your residents' families to monitor expenditure on behalf of their loved ones.

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Some commonly asked questions

  • Where can the Cleva card be used?

    Cleva cards can be used almost anywhere that shows the Mastercard® brand mark, in shops and online.rnrnYou can set your account to block purchases from places you don’t want it to be used e.g. bars.

  • What does Cleva cost?

    We have flexible pricing plans to meet your business needs. Cleva costs from £6.95 per vulnerable user per month, with no extra charges for cards or admin users. Get in touch for a discussion about your needs and we’ll provide you with a bespoke quote.

  • How long does it take to get set up?

    As Cleva is a financial product, we need to run a couple of checks to verify your identity before you can join. This isn’t a complicated process and we can usually have you up and running in just a few weeks.

  • What’s the minimum contract you offer?

    The minimum term is 12 months. However special terms may be able to be discussed depending on your business needs.