Cleva for

Appointees and Deputies

Are you a Court of Protection solicitor or case management firm making payments and managing finances for those under your care? Are you a court appointed deputy with responsibilities for vulnerable adults and children, or those under a youth or adult care scheme?

A simple way to handle payments and streamline finances for all those under your care.

Cleva removes the need to use cash, and saves the time associated with paper receipt reconciliation.

Cleva offers a far more advanced system than simple prepaid debit cards, with a dedicated software platform capable of reconciling payments across tens, hundreds or even thousands of accounts.

Cleva works with a single sign-on when managing all of your accounts, removing the need to store and access a username and password for each and every user under your care.

Easy to manage, easy to monitor

Virtual Wallet

Each of your clients receives a virtual ‘wallet’ which holds their funds. You can load money into these client wallets on a regular basis, or simply top them up when needed

Cleva Cards

You will have one Cleva card which allows you to spend money from any client’s wallet, so you can make purchases on behalf of the people you look after. Your clients and/or their care teams will also receive a debit card to spend money from their wallet.

Monitor Spending

All transactions are recorded in one place, greatly simplifying your reconciliation and audit work. You can choose to be notified whenever a card is used, and other family members can also receive these notifications.

Cleva is a simple and safe way to manage spending by, and on behalf of, your clients.

For Appointees and Deputies Cleva costs just £5.95 per vulnerable client per month, with no hidden fees.