Make life easier

Not just an expense card

Cleva was designed for the care sector, from the ground up. It makes life easier for carers, clients and families, and is so much more than a regular expense card.

Safeguarding at its heart

Caring for someone else is a great responsibility. It’s why Cleva is designed to make life easier and safer for carers and the people they look after.

Statistically, older people and vulnerable adults are more at risk from financial fraud and theft – Cleva limits that exposure. There’s no visibility or access to a person’s main bank account through their Cleva login. And if a card gets lost or stolen, it’s quick and easy to deactivate.

Live notifications, and family viewing give peace of mind to loved ones that their Cleva card is being used as it should be. It gives carers a clear record of spending too, with admin-level purchase settings that give the option to block certain types of transactions.

One card, many clients

Each carer only needs one card for multiple clients. Funds are stored securely in separate client wallets, which you can instantly switch between using the Cleva app.

Cash up front

Your client funds their wallet up front, ready for your team to spend on their behalf. This takes the pressure off your agency’s cashflow, and massively reduces expenses admin too.

Single sign on

From one secure login you can view all of your client wallets.

Family viewing

You can give family members or guardians access to view their loved one’s wallet too. This provides peace of mind that the shopping’s been done this week, or that their bills have been paid.

Safe spending

Agency admins can block inappropriate purchases and set spending limits. Alongside other controls, this ensures your carers and clients can spend safely.

Consolidated reporting

Everything’s in one place when you login. You can see live purchases, amounts and available cash in any client’s wallet at any time.

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