Safer Password Steps: As Recommended By Our Safety Experts

5th February 2024

This Safer Internet Day and beyond, Cleva are passionate about keeping our clients’ safe and secure with safer password steps! According to recent research, ​​50% of hackers can gain access to systems with weak credentials within 2 minutes. – Keeper Security

We are glad to announce that our constant innovation has led to further security developments. Our customers will see these features coming to their accounts this month. Whilst keeping our complex password generation system confidential, our generated passwords for customers are now easier to remember than ever. As a result, our customers remain protected whilst simultaneously receiving a simplified user experience.

Cleva’s comprehensive safety protocols allow our clients and their customers to feel protected. So, ensuring your passwords are secure is the final piece of your company’s online security! Whilst Cleva is working hard behind the scenes, here’s some safer password steps to add that extra layer of protection…

Cleva’s Safer Password Steps

Tip #1: Avoid using the same password across multiple accounts.

Using the same password across multiple websites makes your accounts vulnerable to hacking. This can happen during ‘credential stuffing’. This is when leaked details are tried across common websites, in order to access as many accounts as possible.

In order to avoid this risk, it is advised that you use a different password for each account you hold. These passwords must be entirely unique, and not variations of each other:

“1/3 of non-identical passwords are sub-variations of each other. Bots can crack 30% of these almost-identical passwords in less than 100 attempts, attempting dozens of passwords a second)”. (Keeper Security)

Tip #2: Avoid common patterns within your passwords.

When asked to update our passwords, we may feel more secure when we add ‘qwerty’ or ‘123’ to the end. Despite 63% of the UK using simple patterns like this, easy-to-crack patterns add next to no security to our accounts. (Speedster)

In order to avoid easily-hacked combinations, use letters, numbers and characters that don’t follow a pattern. These patterns can include:

  • In order related to the keyboard (eg. QWERTY)
  • In order of the alphabet (eg. ABCD)
  • In order numerically (eg.123)
  • Birthdays of any kind

Tip #3: Use a password manager.

Whether for personal or corporate reasons, using a password manager will assist you in remembering the passwords you hold. Password managers may already exist in your browser, but companies such as LastPass and WatchGuard offer larger-scale options.

81% UK companies not currently investing in educating their staff of best cyber security practices. Starting this conversation could help you avoid the £4m average cost of a data breach. (Speedster)

Tip #4: Follow these steps to create a strong password.

Strong passwords are at least 16 characters long. These will have a random combination of both upper and lower case letters, numbers and special characters. The length of your password is actually more important than its’ complexity. For this reason, Cleva aids its customers in managing long passwords effectively.

Alongside this, Cleva experts recommend NOT using any of the following within your passwords:

  • Nouns (names) found within the dictionary
  • Words found within the dictionary
  • Names of loved ones
  • Birthdays of any kind
  • Names of pets or children

Tip #5: Invest in Cleva to protect your clients and staff!

Your vulnerable clients can fall victim to online hacking when their accounts aren’t protected. Whether you represent elderly clients, those with learning disabilities, or those who require a deputy; your clients’ finances are safe with Cleva.

As clients’ accounts don’t use personal email addresses, any hacking attempts won’t connect directly to their Cleva wallets. Furthermore our comprehensive and award-winning tech innovations provide several layers of protection, regardless of your customers’ experience with online security.

Creating Security Is Easy With Cleva’s Our Safer Password Steps

This Safer Internet Day, take a few minutes to update your current passwords using our safer password steps.

To discuss password security or our secure payment solutions, simply get in touch to discuss your needs today!