Care Agency Case Study

Home Instead Reigate and Tandridge

Home Instead Reigate and Tandrige prides itself on offering the best quality home care and with a CQC rating of outstanding, they are passionate about the way they care and support people in their local community.

Improving efficiency

Home Instead Reigate and Tandrige contacted Cleva to find a new way to handle shopping expenses for clients in their care.

Previously, caregivers would shop for clients using their own money. Greg would then reimburse them, which meant a lot of reconciliation work for management. The process to track and re-assign payments to the correct client was long-winded and time-consuming. And ensuring the caregiver was expensed both accurately and on time required a lot of effort.

Now that Home Instead Reigate & Tandridge uses Cleva, these problems are solved. Each of their clients has a Cleva wallet which holds their individual spending balance. Each caregiver has a Cleva card and they can seamlessly spend for one or multiple clients using the Cleva app.

All spending is tracked and recorded instantly and caregivers can upload receipts for every purchase, ensuring the client, their family and the management team know exactly what is spent, by who and where.

Delivering solutions

Greg Brown, Franchise Owner of Home Instead Reigate and Tandrige commented,

“Since the introduction of Cleva’s card, app and management platform, we’ve seen a real difference in the way we manage the payments for the people we care for.

Now, our caregivers only use Cleva cards when shopping for clients. This means they never have to use their own money plus it also improves our internal cash flow.

Our admin time has also been reduced significantly now that we no longer have to manually reconcile every payment; the fact that Cleva does this automatically is incredible – it’s a much more efficient system and a solution where everyone wins!”

A Shared Vision

“We are empowering Care Agencies to move into the digital era. We can help, support and be the driving force behind this decision. It’s been a pleasure to work alongside Greg and his team: their shared vision of using FinTech to manage agency spend mirrors our ethos and goals. We are thrilled to hear the difference Cleva is making to their teams.”

Aidan McAllister

Head of Care Partnerships at Cleva