Free Cleva Expense Cards: Discover Cleva’s Unique Pricing Structure

29th May 2024

When starting your Cleva journey, you may be surprised to hear that free Cleva expense cards come as standard! Cleva are passionate about simplifying and demystifying financial management, no matter the sector of care your business resides!

How does Cleva charge for their service?

Cleva charges per wallet, not per card.

This uniquely ‘Cleva’ feature can’t be found anywhere else, and gives your business the ultimate level of customisation.

Why does Cleva charge per wallet, not by card?

Our innovative, award-winning wallet technology is at the heart of our service. For this reason, we only charge per wallet, as the Cleva card is an extension of our core product.

There’s nothing worse than losing track of who is using which card, or staff sharing one card. Free Cleva expense cards remove the risk and hassle of managing your card circulation.

By charging per wallet, Cleva allows you to be fully in control of the product. Cards can be allocated to not only your carers, but also your clients with capacity. Your business creates a bespoke programme and upselling service, tailored to your customers and their families.

free unlimited expense cards

How much does Cleva’s service cost?

With Cleva, there are no hidden card issuing surprises. Free Cleva expense cards come as standard for every single plan! This makes Cleva unique in the financial management sector, as we only charge per wallet, not per card. Because of this, any number of cards can have access to one wallet, making it perfect for large care teams for clients with complex care needs.

When designing your product, each Cleva wallet starts at £4.95 per month. This extremely competitive rate allows your business to provide an invaluable level of service, protection and professionalism when handling their finances. This unbeatable price includes an amazing package of tools to ensure your success with us, this includes:

  • Free Cleva card issuance
  • Card management website portal
  • UK-based customer and management support
  • Personal account manager
  • Cardholder app access
  • Family viewing mode
  • Instant exportable and integrated reports

In practise, how do free Cleva cards work?

We provide every Cleva client with a stock of Cleva cards, making the online process of card activation quick and simple. When you need to activate a new card, simply log on to the Cleva Management Portal and assign the card to its new owner. Reallocating a card to a new user is also completed via the Management Portal, with instant confirmation of the successful change.

Cleva is perfect for protecting carers and clients

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