Professional Deputies

Professional Deputies manage the property and financial affairs of adults who need support and help with vital day-to-day tasks. Their deputyship programme works with vulnerable users, who lack the mental capacity to single-handedly take care of their own finances and step in to help manage and safeguard their assets.

A means to guided independence

Professional Deputies required a solution, which would enable them to manage their clients’ personal spending funds in a streamlined way, whilst also allowing them to offer vital independence and financial inclusion for their vulnerable users.

Historically, Professional Deputies were using a couple of different methods when it came to distributing personal spending monies to clients, unfortunately none of these were able to provide an easy to use, safe or secure solution. Lack of visibility, high admin resources and complications with clients using a range of spending methods, left Professional Deputies seeking a new way forward.

The partnership with Cleva means they now have a process and product which works for both the management team, employees and their clients. Each vulnerable user has a Cleva wallet, with a linked Cleva card. Professional Deputies are able to help manage their finances and have full visibility on each vulnerable users’ spending activity, whilst the vulnerable adult has the most independence and financial freedom with their spending, as possible.

Long-term relationships

Andy Riddle, Managing Director at Professional Deputies commented:

“Cleva has been a ‘game changer’ for us here at Professional Deputies. Due to British Banking Association guidelines tightening, opening a new High Street bank account to facilitate our clients’ spending monies was becoming increasingly difficult. Also our clients would often not possess suitable identification documents, further complicating matters. These factors combined with the time (and subsequent costs) led us to start considering what other alternatives were out there in the market.

Now with Cleva, having the use of a centralised portal where we can track all clients’ personal spends and deposit funds as and when required is fantastic. Management reports can be downloaded at the click of a button, which also helps from a regulatory point of view. It also falls in line with the use of our other systems and automation which has been a big part of our success over the years.

Our main role at Professional Deputies is to protect our clients’ property and financial affairs, but we are also entrusted with looking to empower them when possible, and the Cleva app does just that in my opinion. Lastly the support we have received from Cleva has been nothing short of superb – from queries to suggested improvements, the team have been super responsive from the outset.

A protective, inclusive solution

Aidan McAllister, Head of Care Partnerships at Cleva expressed: “Managing multiple vulnerable users’ finances is a complicated process; without the correct system in place it can be hard to keep track of spending and visibility can be problematic. It was a pleasure to work with Professional Deputies to give their vulnerable adults the financial independence they’ve been desperately seeking. Whilst also providing the Professional Deputies team with a fully trackable, easy to use system, with the flexibility to suit their entire user base.

Aidan McAllister

Head of Care Partnerships at Cleva