I Have A Small Business In The Care Sector, Is Cleva Right For Me?

17th November 2023

Cleva is the perfect care business payment solution for saving time and money…

Looking for the ultimate care business payment solution?

Keeping track of your spending between clients, staff, overheads and maintenance can be a tough task. This becomes even more so for smaller companies that may not have a dedicated financial team on hand. 95% of all businesses in the UK are considered ‘micro’ businesses (UK Parliament), meaning an average of ten thousand care providers (Nuffield Trust) have under 9 staff members on hand to assist with admin tasks.

Do any of the following apply to your business?
  • Struggling to account for misplaced or lost receipts
  • No set finance department
  • Managers often stepping in to meet staffing demands
  • Using ‘cash boxes’ for shopping tasks
  • False accusations made against staff when using cash
  • Confused clients and loved ones struggling to track spending

If you’re answering ‘yes’ to any of the above scenarios, then we have good news… We have a ‘Cleva’ solution for you!

Cleva is the one-stop payment solution, specialised for use within the care sector. We provide receipt capture, spend tracking, family viewing options and expense reports, all at the touch of a button.

Each wallet acts as your clients’ own prepaid bank account, meaning you decide how much money to load in. Because the cards are prepaid, it will never spend more than that customer has access to.

When a carer would like to spend for a particular client, they select the client within the Cleva app. The next time they tap their Cleva card at a checkout, the money is taken from that client’s Cleva wallet. To finish the process, the carer then uploads an image of the receipt to the Cleva app. The transaction is then viewable for loved ones, accountants and any other staff member in your company when required.

Can Cleva work for small businesses?

Absolutely! You can start your business’ Cleva journey with just 10 customer wallets and just 1 carer card.

Save on admin time with Cleva

Not only does Cleva provide a fully trackable service as a care business payment solution, it also allows for comprehensive expense reports to be done swiftly. With all receipts and purchases saved within the app, a simple export gives you a full report on spending.

Of the customers surveyed, Cleva saved an average of 90 minutes admin time per client per month. Even if your small business had just 10 clients, imagine the possibilities for productivity if you had an additional 5-20 hours a month to make use of?

Cleva is perfect for small care business payment solutions.

Ready To Discuss All Things Cleva?

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