How To Offer Paid Shopping Services Using Cleva This Winter

10th November 2023

Earn more revenue, speed up admin and protect your clients this Winter.

As the nights draw in and the temperature drops, carers undeniably start to face new seasonal challenges. Nearly half a million vulnerable people in the UK will therefore require increased home care services from dedicated care teams. Due to this, many organisations are looking to offer a paid shopping service to their clients within the care industry. Not only will this provide new benefits to their clients, it will also streamline their admin processes as a result!

Why do your clients need a shopping service?
  • Ensuring client safety. The safety of your clients is paramount, and becomes even more so when faced with winter’s adverse weather conditions. Risks such as slippery pavements, icy roads and chilling winds can make outdoor visits dangerous. Ultimately, this system is not only more convenient, but also ensures your clients have the correct supplies without risking their safety.
  • Reducing Health Concerns. With cold and flu seasons sweeping the nation, vulnerable and elderly clients should, without a doubt, put their health first. Therefore, reducing contact in highly populated areas is a good first step in an attempt to combat unnecessary contamination.
  • Family Member Availability. Undeniably, with kids back at school and holiday days used up, relatives may find themselves struggling to find time to shop for their loved one. In this instance, a shopping service ensures families can have more quality time to spend together instead of running errands.

In summary, your clients have a real desire for time. Time with their loved ones, time with your carers, and time to spare on the things that matter. Reducing risks, whilst creating more time for your carers and clients’ families, can only be seen as a positive!

Carers can shop and deliver groceries and medicines on behalf of their clients, in order to increase revenue and customer satisfaction.
The benefits of a paid shopping service in the home care industry.

The benefits don’t just stop with your clients and their families. Additionally, offering a shopping service can provide a whole range of benefits for your agency too:

  • Invaluable additional revenue. Undeniably, this highly sought-after service is a natural next-step for any care provider to take. With many carers already shopping for their clients, charging accordingly for this service helps to cover the additional costs.
  • Comprehensive service for clients. Offering additional services that will positively impact the client and their loved ones increases trust in the care provider. Additionally it shows consideration for your clients’ needs beyond the duty of care, providing a competitive advantage from other care agencies.
  • Lighten the workload for carers. Significantly, shopping for clients doesn’t need to be completed by a qualified care professional. Instead, you can employ non-touch care workers, allowing your care team more time to focus on caring for your clients.

Your organisation is calling out for a morale, revenue and satisfaction boost! Cleva is here to help.

Why use Cleva to introduce a paid shopping service?

Finding a paid shopping service in the home care industry can be both time consuming and confusing. Due to industry experts advising us every step of the way, Cleva is truly made for carers, by carers! Because of this, we know the challenges the Home Care Industry faces. Juggling clients, their loved ones, staff AND stakeholders all at once is truly a daily occurrence!

  • Each Cleva customer has their very own Account Manager, unlike other providers. They are on hand to advice, direct and discuss when implementing a paid shopping service using Cleva.
  • Cleva handles shopping expenses with ease. Shopping for your clients couldn’t be any simpler when you utilise the safe and secure Cleva payment solution.
  • We provide you with the marketing materials required. Whether it’s letting customers know about your new Cleva service, reassuring their loved ones, or advertising within your facility; Cleva’s expert marketing team have the resources at hand to assist.

(Discuss with your Account Manager how emails, brochures, flyers or print outs might work for you!)

Ready to discuss your paid shopping service with Cleva?

We can’t wait to help you increase your revenue and improve your customer service with the power of Cleva!

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